Saturday, June 27, 2009


It always makes me happy to see Alison Mosshart recognized for her sartorial choices. She's one of my top two or three fashion icons (you may have caught on to this).

Girl of the Month: Alison Mosshart

Super-groups, in general, are better in theory than they are in reality (remember the Traveling Wilburys? Yeah, not so much.) While we love the idea of combining amazingly talented individuals who are already well-established in the music community, we aren't always fans of the mish-mashing of musical styles and personalities. However, when we heard that Jack White of The White Stripes was forming a kind of supergroup side project, The Dead Weather, we have to admit we got a bit giddy. The main reason for said joyous response: Alison Mosshart. This Florida-born, raven-haired singer/songwriter (she's one half of The Kills with Jamie Hince, Kate Moss' main squeeze) is the lead singer of the band, which will be on tour this summer to promote their just-released album, Horehound. While we can't wait to watch this gang of four perform (Dean Fertita and Jack Lawrence round out the quartet), we also are excited to see Mosshart and her stellar style on stage. She not only possesses an exceptional sound, but she also happens to be an icon to fashion-conscious rockers on both sides of the pond. Mosshart's grunge-glam-punk look, impeccably worn-in wardrobe, and devil-may-care attitude are incredibly covetable and inspirational, hence why we're showcasing it in today's installment of Girl of the Month.

While combing through hundreds of images of Mosshart, we were thrilled to find that the songstress isn't some hyper-styled, perfectly coifed performer; on the contrary, the main ingredient of Mosshart's undeniable allure is that her breed of chic is low-key, understated, effortless, and authentic—in short, our favorite kind! Mosshart seems to strike the right chord time and time again: she's clearly a fashion fan, yet remains completely unaffected by its pomp and circumstance. If you ask Mosshart about her style icon status, she demures, claiming that she wears the same clothes over and over again and that her personal style can be attributed to whatever is splayed on the floor of her flat. However, when said pieces are Anne Demeulemeester jumpers, Dior Homme gold boots (she has a few pairs specially ordered each season), and Marc Jacobs tees (specifically her favorite circa-2006 "Photo Studio" shirt, which she has been known to lend to Moss) there's no denying that the girl has a smart sartorial sensibility and a keen ability to seamlessly weave high and low fashions with aplomb!

Whether she's attending a private dinner in honor of Stella McCartney at Harvey Nichols (second from left, in an Fair Isle cardigan, polka dot blouse and black jeans), the 2008 Glastonbury Music Festival (middle, in a ripped up vintage tee, plaid work shirt, faded green hoodie, and black nail polish) or showing support for Primal Scream's latest album, Beautiful Future, hosted by Diesel Black Gold (second to right, in shredded skinny blue jeans, the same plaid button up; and a vintage Navajo blanket shawl), she looks undone, unfussy, a bit disheveled—in a good way—and devastatingly cool!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Knit it yourself.

Lanvin Pre-Fall 2009 knit shrug: $866.62USD at

It's just a wide-rib knit..I can do that! Probably for $20 or less.



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"A wise man told me don't argue with fools, 'cause people from a distance can't tell who is who. So stop with that childish shit, n***a I'm grown. Please leave it alone, don't throw rocks at the throne."
- Jay-Z