Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seeking: Rodarte straitjacket..

I've been researching the Mulleavy sisters for many nights, mentally piecing together an article and designer profile with regards to the Quicktake: Rodarte exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York City (which I went to see on my birthday! gift to myself! woot woot!). This interview with Laura Mulleavy, conducted by Vogue's Sally Singer, has been haunting me all day. I watched half of it last night, overdosed on genius, thought about it all day, and just finished watching the other half. I highly recommend, if you have any interest in and respect for Rodarte, that you set aside an hour and seventeen minutes and savor the entire thing. Big ups to Cooper-Hewitt for knowing there was a very specific audience for this interview. So many prayers and questions have been satiated.

This is a quicker summation of the exhibit..lots of close-ups of the materials the girls use in their dresses. GENIUS. Watch.