Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fall Shopping List.

Okay, I know my consumer-culture-driven need to acquire completely negates my eco-maniac rant from the last post. Trust that there is a huge amount of residual Catholic guilt that weighs on me every day as I try to merge the dueling sides of my classic Pisces personality: raging environmentalist meets total fashion addict. It's hard. Typical example: I tote my Forever 21 purchases home in an organic canvas bag. I also try to balance new purchases with thrifted ones.

forgive me, father, for i have has been 10 minutes since my last confession..

1 comment:

J said...

for a second there I thought those shoes were the silver metallic dolce wingtips. I was going to disown you as my best friend.

(ps the silver metallic dolce wingtips are 20% off at neiman marcus. I may be forced to ridiculously splurge.)