Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ubiquitous logo tees.

Oh, Urban. Why do you do this to me? Every time I decide I'm too old for a drawer full of old band tees and need to start dressing like a grown-up and not an aging groupie, you ruin it for me.

photos: urbanoutfitters.com


lacouturiernyc said...

i love graphic tees! just pair them with a blazer and put on a pair of heels or boots & they'll look so chic!

La C

this wheel's on fire said...

haha i agree :)

Krystal said...

you know i love these <3 which one you gonna buy? xo

Kelly said...

Prob both..they're so perfect.

Bottes said...

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Marina (from France)

Electromanic said...

first of all, Paint it Black is seriously such an amazing book. It's the only book i've been able to read twice through without skipping pages. (as seen on your profile page)
and i really enjoy reading your blog. its all very interesting stuff. One thing i dislike about band t-shirts is the fact that people buy them that have no idea about the music legends they are wearing on their chest.

Kelly said...

Thank you, what a sweet comment!<3

I keep re-reading Paint it Black, it's just such a perfect book. Do you know who I picture Josie as, while I'm reading? Jessica Stam. Dunno why.

I agree about the tees.
Can I link you?