Monday, December 29, 2008

As usual..

..the fabulous Rumi is one step ahead of the rest of us. Saw this in the NY Times this weekend.

THERE’S nothing quite like freezing rain and foot-deep slush to make a thermal bodysuit look more appealing than a slinky party dress. Forget the sequins and five-inch stilettos. Right now, downing Champagne in a snuggly romper sounds like the best idea around. Of course, Alexander Wang didn’t have that image in mind when he designed this one-piece for his resort collection. He imagined a girl hanging out in it on a motorboat, then pulling on a black blazer, platform boots and a captain’s hat to hit town. Call us both crazy, but that seems like a wonderfully decadent look in which to ring in the New Year.

Alexander Wang Thermal Onesie, $228 at Oak;
(Article: Karin Nelson, Photo: Jonathan Melamed)

photo: (obvious.)


OhDearLeah said...

cool blog
adore rumi!

The Divinitus said...

in black please...