Wednesday, February 25, 2009

13 thimbles of brown tears.

When I get a Kills ticket in the mail, you'd better cover your ears. There is no greater scream of joy than that moment when I open a nondescript envelope to discover a concert ticket. You'd think I'd never seen them before. I scream, LITERALLY, like a crazed fangirl. This is the same reaction I'd expect to have upon seeing Marc Jacobs in person, or winning the lottery. Pure, unadulterated screaming.

[not a Kills pic, but I love it. unfortch, I don't remember where I stole it. sorry if it's yours, let me know!]


this wheel's on fire said...

oh i love i love i love! don't you just adore those excited girly screams from time to time?

Dooder City said...

wow, lovely.
i love getting tickets in the mail. so exciting.

Daria said...

sartorialist, i believe