Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'll just rename this blog "Boots and the Kills"..

..because that's all I seem to post about!

both boots, Forever21 ($34.80, $26.90)

2 quick updates:
- The Kills show in Philadelphia must be sold out, because I can't find tickets. But I got a ticket for Webster Hall in NYC. Anyone going? :)
- The brown Nine West boots are so insanely perfect I can't even take it. I just skulked through the grocery store like a secret rock star. I want to crush them and beat them on a curb so they're even more perfect. I'm in love..


this wheel's on fire said...

i'm all for renaming the blog! :D
love all of these makes me laugh to think of you beating your boots on a curb as people stare! xo

Kelly said...

Lol..I watched a video on where they were running over Doc Martens to use in a catalog, then dragging them behind the pickup truck to scuff them up. Don't think I'm not considering it! ;)

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