Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I <3 your scarf.

Girlfriend on the right is killin it. That scarf and hat are my next knitting projects.

photo: jakandjil


strongimagination said...

The jacket isn't wrong either :)

She comes from a nowhere town she likes said...

The scarf is pretty cool, as is that whole combination, especially that delicious lookin' leather. Thought you might be interested in The Dead Weather, a band formed of Jack White and Alison Mosshart. Immense doesn't even describe my joy (I am releasing my inner music nerd).
ps. Sorry this is heniously long!

Kelly said...

H -- I heard the news the other day and I nearly screamed..at work, in the middle of an eye exam. Nerd love! <3

Delightfully Dott said...

Love the scarf!!
Got my kills tickets-so excited!!!

Lottie said...

loving the knitting ensemble
i love your blog!i was just wondering if youd like to exchange links?

Seth said...

"See us as we see you. Is everything alright, gorgeous?"
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