Sunday, March 1, 2009


Apologies for the repeated visual assault with hideous/amazing shoes, but I'm intrigued again. They're like Louis Vuitton/Nick Kirkwood knockoff meets...Navajo hooker? I've never been a huge Bebe fan (this comes from being an atypical New Jersey resident), but in the last two seasons, they've had a pair or two of shoes that make me stop and say hmm. I honestly don't know if I could pull these off, but I'm certainly willing to try. Obviously with a pretty simple black dress or jeans and a grey American Apparel tri-blend.

bebe, $150.

Oh! And a Steve Madden quickie. I'm suddenly a sucker for electric-colored suede..?

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Champagne said...

Those goodness. The color are fantastic. I really do wish that the Steve Madden near me had better selection.