Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank you, Tommy Ton.

I'm experiencing technical difficulties (busted laptop screen) and dental issues, and I have TOO MUCH TO DO to deal with that combination. But I AM trying to catch up on Mens' Fashion Week and Couture Week, and prepping for a new creative endeavor (Hi Damon!). I cannot get enough Jak&Jil, and I cannot wait to pull my [faux] furs out of the closet in my old bedroom at mom's house to wear with a white Hanes t-shirt and sloppy jeans. Thank you, Kanye, for the outfit idea, and thank you Tommy Ton, for constantly, incessantly taking pictures that fuel my love of all things fashion.

Ps. This was Karl Lagerfeld's FIFTY-FOURTH couture collection for Chanel?! How old IS the Kaiser??

photo: jak&jil

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Wow these two are ridiculous. The coats are fabulous though :)