Thursday, February 25, 2010

One of the best days ever.

Two weeks ago I hopped on a train to New York and hung out in the freezing cold for hours outside Pier 94, photographing arrivals at the Alexander Wang show. [God bless my wonderful boyfriend for keeping me company, despite not knowing most of the people I was freaking out about seeing. I hope warm, amazing, deep-fried dinner at Cafeteria afterwards made up for some of it.] Here's how my afternoon went:

You know these two. Scott Schuman and Garance Dore. Had a mild panic attack/fangirl episode upon first sighting, but I mustered the balls to approach them/gush about my love of their work/ask for a photo. Garance was so sweet and obliging.

Garance at work.

Harley Viera-Newton.

Henry Holland, arriving with Pixie Geldof. That's Alice Dellal's blonde hair/blue backpack in the foreground.

Tonne Goodman.'s Candy Pratts Price. I screamed her name like a rabid paparrazo. She probably doesn't get that often!

Cathy Horyn brushed past me and I nearly passed out. Too bad she was on the phone and I couldn't say "Ohmygodyou'remyfuckingidol!!"

Susie Bubble!

After dinner we made a pilgrimage to the Alexander McQueen store on 14th Street to pay respects. A touching mess of flowers, candles, and champagne bottles. Many of the flowers bore stickers reading "Fashion is dead. RIP McQueen." Well said.

EDIT: For a few more pics and a smidgen of opinion, see my latest article at BSC Review.

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t said...

These are some great shots! Looks like you had tons of fun too. :)