Monday, February 8, 2010

Unexpected inspiration.

Reading too much (in a good way) of Tavi's blog, Style Rookie, was the motivational push I've needed for MONTHS to finally embrace (and purchase) oxford flats. And maybe a faux-vintage nerd-esque purse, too. That girl is THE SHIT! I can only hope to someday have children with an OUNCE of her creativity. I've finally regained enough self-confidence and fashion-balls to push my style comfort zone, due in large part to excessive exposure to Kelly Cutrone (I'm a sucker for a Bravo reality show AND simultaneously-released self-help/girl power book..ahh, the power of marketing). Helena Christensen said it best in a recent issue of British Elle (I think..): "Style is a strange thing. Who determines who has style? I think you've gotta have a fuck-everybody attitude about it." Amen, sistahh.

nerdy flats, nerd purse:

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