Monday, October 6, 2008

In Paris

This girl is genius.

Love the Burberry bag..

And, not in Paris, but I like Kate's new(ish) haircut (on the left, obviously). It will probably be my next. I'm also in love with her grey YSL Besace, which is barely evident in this photo. This just isn't a strong post for me, I'm very distracted today..

photos: the sartorialist; some celeb trash website


this wheel's on fire said...

hey lady! this was a great post--why so distracted? hope everything is going okay...xxxooo

Nina said...

ah, a fellow strappy purple shoe owner! i love them...i find they go w/more things than i thought they would.

and are u really a fashion school drop out? (cuz i am) ;)

Kelly said...

Nina - sure am! Did two assorted years at FIT for Accessories Design..didn't mesh well with my professors. Learned what I needed, moved on. ;)

This Wheel (I don't know your first name, what is it?)- Everything's okay..just tired, overworked. Ya know. :)

this wheel's on fire said...

hey! i just realized no blogger has ever asked me that haha
i'm katherine, but everyone calls me kate :)

Priscilla said...

First things first for the readers of this comment, I am not a fashionista as my dear friend Kelly is. However, I feel as though fashion divas are the right ones to turn to when you have a fashion question. And what better place than this blog? Anyway, the top pic has a fucking fantastic scarf in it. What are those kind of Israeli-ish scarves called? And once you obtain it, can you tell me how to wear it so that it looks like the top pic? I know, you're probably thinking "that's so sad," but such is the life of Priscilla. Thanks Kel!!!! XOXO

WendyB said...

Love Kate's pants.