Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Like any good fashion blogger, I have a deep-seated affection for the Olsens (admittedly, I'm more a fan of Mary-Kate than Ashley). My favorite era was immediately post-rehab/early NYU MK..the homeless chic she was so critiqued and reviled for. But, I've enjoyed watching the girls evolve into quirky, classy, elegant adults, and I've been counting the weeks until their coffee table book, Influence, was finally released. So I spent a good two hours at Barnes & Noble poring over it..and I think it had exactly its intended effect on me. I was left thinking about the twenty individuals (artists, designers, creative types) the girls chose, and which twenty I'd have chosen, given millions of dollars and months of time to prepare such a tome.
Here's a rough idea:
1. Mary-Kate Olsen (obvious)
2. Ashley Olsen (ditto)
3. Marc Jacobs
4. Kate Moss
5. Elizabeth Peyton
6. Keith Richards
7. The Kills (yes, both of them together)
8. Al Gore
9. Banksy
10. Juergen Teller
11. Rick Owens
12. Christopher Bailey
13. Johnny Depp
14. Bjork
15. David Bowie
16. Sofia Coppola
17. Nicolas Ghesquiere
18. Dov Charney (yes, I went there)
19. Terry Richardson
20. My mom!

What about you? If you read this, consider yourself tagged. Give me your 20, bitches!


Mattie said...

i really want, no, need to getthat book

this wheel's on fire said...

Love your list! Is this supposed to be people who inspire us?

Kelly said...

Yes! People who inspire you, drive you, make you want to live your life to the absolute fullest and best possible! :)

Krystal said...

Alrightie then, I have a job to do <3 LOVE this book, I need to own it now...after flipping through it.

Dana (MODAna) said...


♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks. So glad you watched them and liked them. :)

Yes the book is essentially, love!

♥/ fashion chalet

this wheel's on fire said...

did my 20 ;)

geri said...

totally with you on the mk nyu era. umm my 20? thats a hard one, ill have to get back to you but i do need to go read that book!