Monday, October 20, 2008

A Monday afternoon, wasted to polyvore..

Untitled by fashioncupcake

Untitled by fashioncupcake

Untitled by fashioncupcake
those bakers fringe boots..obsessed! come on, I can't afford the Balmain..
and more fur vests... :)


this wheel's on fire said...

damn polyvore! so much time wasted. so...much...time :)

sarah said...

love the first two looks! and why don't i know about polyvore?! someone please let me in on this!

Krystal said...

i love your creations! how have you been missy? i ordered those fringe boots from net a porter, go go!


Bostonista said...

I wish I could get into polyvore because you make such cute things and so do a lot of the other fashion bloggers but I get frustrated with it very quickly for some reason! I definitely love fur vests. I wish I could afford them too. Ohhh to be an Olsen!