Monday, April 21, 2008

An Epiphany


This past November, I spent two life-changing, mind-altering weeks touring France, my first time abroad. The first four days were in Paris, absolute heaven. I was familiar with Carine Roitfeld, and innately knew she had to be cooler than Anna Wintour (everything French is just better), but I had never actually picked up an issue of Paris Vogue. Finally doing so for the first time in Paris, I was quickly enamored. Head over stilettos. Upon returning to (gag!) New Jersey, I immediately gave up my American magazine habit, save for Nylon and Elle (but only since they've brought in Joe Zee as creative director. Remember Vitals?) and the occasional GQ.

Now, I was hesitant to investigate Vogue Italia for a few reasons. One, I am an admitted Francophile, completely obsessed. I prefer France over my own country, why would I ever even think about Italy? Also, to be quite frank, Anna Piaggi and Franca Sozzani..well, they scared me. I never thought I'd enjoy anything those two crazy-looking broads could put in a magazine. Then I saw the Paris Vogue piece on Giovanna Battaglia, of L'Uomo Vogue, and decided it was time to branch out into other international fashion publications. Apparently, the less Anna Wintour-esque, the more interested I've become. So, I couldn't find L'Uomo Vogue, but I picked up Vogue Italia and hauled it off to coffee yesterday morning with my most stylish guy friend. While marveling over the "Iconic Women" cover with Natalia Vodianova, shot by Steven Meisel, I couldn't help but scoff at American Vogue in its most recent incarnations. "Anna Wintour would NEVER put something like this on the cover. Look how beautiful this is," I said to my friend, unfurling the three-page spread. He nodded, "I love that it's a ton of really nice Photoshop work and not, like, Marcia Cross in a fancy dress." I couldn't have said it better myself! :)

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