Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Summer essentials.

The collection of summer clothes I am stockpiling until it's warm enough are hanging, waiting in a storage spot at my mom's house..alas, the tiny closet (yes, singular..closet.) in my apartment still bears an array of long-sleeved and warm garments for these weird in-between weeks. Once it's officially May, they'll be hauled off to Mom's attic, and I can bask in the splendor of suede gladiators, fringy bags, sloppy cutoffs, and skirts. I'm planning a thrift-store raid for some floral dresses tomorrow..the doctor I'm assisting only has patients scheduled until 3pm, so I'm looking forward to a leisurely afternoon.

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fashion Chalet said...

Polyvore is so fun. I love to make them, haven't in a while, really want to now though :)