Saturday, April 26, 2008


My new, perfect spring jacket from H&M (not very flattering with hands jammed in pockets) and The Aldo Shoes, which I would never have known about if I didn't obsessively read Fashion Toast first thing every morning!

I've had pretty much the perfect weekend morning: coffee with BFF, leisurely thrifting (okay, it wasn't so leisurely in the denim section), and a stop at a forgotten nearby magazine shop. Picked up a few discounted back issues of Vogue Italia, and an outfit I just might wear out for drinks tonight with some girls from work. Inspired by the first look from Alexander Wang's Spring 2008 show, I found a slightly oversize grey and white railroad-striped Perry Ellis blazer, a white tunic-y sleeveless top, and perfect men's Wrangler cutoff shorts. Oh, and a pair of AG jeans, in my size, for $5.95! They were the very first pair I even looked at, which then led to frenzied flipping through what felt like a quarter-mile of denim. I had to work fast, as I was closely tailed by a lurking hipster, double-checking every pair I put back on the rack. I knew if I slowed down, she would lap me and undoubtedly find the awesome stuff before I could.

(Sorry for including the jeans pic, I know it's just a plain old pair of jeans..but they're AG and they were six bucks!)


michaela said...

i wouldn't wear any of that. give me some hollister. xoxo.

Kelly said...

oh, you're a classy bitch, eh?

fashion Chalet said...

Talk about wicked/awesome shoes !!!

They look great with those jeans too..

Krystal said...

i have those aldo platforms, they're mildly-ok-comfortable...the coat is lovely